Happiness Quote By Rikki De La Vega,

“Joy is like air. We take it for granted, until it’s not there. Then we know, desperately, how much it is needed” Rikki De La Vega, – Bridget’s Calling

Happiness Quote By Amit Ray,

“Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is establishing that connection.” Amit Ray, – Meditation: Insights And Inspirations

Freedom Quote By Kumar Anu,

“I letgo my attachments-repulsions. I do my duties without seeking rewards.” Kumar Anu, – Freedom Mantra

Happiness Quote By Maud Hart Lovelace,

“Julia was as happy as Betsy was, almost. One nice thing about Julia was that she rejoiced in other people’s luck.” Maud Hart Lovelace, – Betsy And Tacy Go Downtown